Alien Manifesto

Fun over function

An alien never takes themselves or life too seriously. We choose to see the good in any situation and share it with others. We build on suggestions to maximize the entertainment value of any moment. We’re having too much fun to spend time on drama.

Dreams Over Reality

An alien always dreams beyond the mundane. We encourage ability, creativity and imagination in ourselves and others. An alien is not afraid to break “rules”  

curiosity over judgement

An alien meets all new experiences with an open mind. 

Responsibility over passivity

 An alien would rather build a solution than focus on a problem. We take ownership for creating the world we want to live in.

People over ego

 An alien is loyal, above all, to fairness and respect for all beings. We are willing to compromise when necessary but not on our values. An alien is compassionately honest with themselves and others. We are not necessarily polite, but we are always kind. An alien is never entitled but always humbly confident. We choose to elevate others rather than devalue ourselves.